Shape Shifting

Hola! This is a story about how Miss Jenny Design has evolved over the last few years. After a long and rewarding career designing tech experiences in fast paced Silicon Valley and San Francisco, I came out the other side and shifted into co-creating Casa Xixim in Tulum, Mexico—a sustainable, ecoluxe, boutique villa and retreat. We started with a plot of land, and lots of ideas. Building from the ground up was a humbling experience, an incredible labor of love, and a boss-fight-level test of will. We committed from the start to design a site specific, eco-friendly villa optimized for vacationing groups. I’m proud of our result and am continuously grateful for the unique opportunity.

The meandering journey has been a blend of graphic design, permaculture principles, minimalist modern architecture, and new ideas around mindful travel and deeper connections. I am taking the time to do things well and responsibly. Some call it Slow Design, and I’m totally into that. All this has caused my role to organically evolve into a concoction of creative director meets guest sherpa, plus a bit of land stewardship and medicinal herbalism sprinkled in. For a deeper dive into my design of Casa Xixim please visit The Casa Xixim Case Study.

Casa Xixim is more than just a vacation rental – it’s a fully-staffed, curated experience. We are continuously iterating on the services of a boutique hotel offered at a private ecoluxe beachfront villa: gourmet chefs, bespoke menu, personal concierge, private pool, a freshly raked beach each morning, snorkel gear, kayaks, and more.

The meaning of Xixim